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(1)The Dream Breaks the Fall of Macau's Rich Second Generati

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-11-26
Summary:Dreaming of the Fall of the Rich Second Generation in Macau The night is so long, there is no sleep, the cigarette smokes! Gambler is my name! I have an enviable family, but my fate is destined to be sad. I have so many sad people around me
Dreaming of the Fall of the Rich Second Generation in Macau
The night is so long, there is no sleep, the cigarette smokes!
"Gambler" is my name! I have an enviable family, but my fate is destined to be "sad". I have so many sad people around me...I have met many gamblers, they are really nice people, but when they gamble, what they do is really hateful! Gambling is really a hundred times more powerful than drugs. ...
I'm only 20, but my life is meaningless.
Last year, I was addicted to online gambling, the so-called live video broadcast, and it just got out of control! At that time, the loss of tens of thousands was considered an astronomical figure. At that time, I felt that it was online after all, and the credibility was not high. I am still in control when I gamble. No matter how you lose, it won't hurt your muscles. At that time, I felt that losing more than ten games was a lot, and now it is not enough to fight with one hand. Looking back now, I really envy that time, but I can't go back. ...
Lost more than 10 games, not reconciled, addicted. I think those on the Internet are too fake, and I want to go to Macau to copy them. It is said that in Macau, a few thousand can win dozens, which is the same as picking up money. I have seen a person spend 5,000 yuan in Macau and win nearly 200. I used to be 70 out of 1000 and 50 out of 10000. This kind of thing does happen every day in Macau, and it is normal to treat such a small probability thing. Well, gamblers are all the same!
If you win money, you will go to heaven, thinking you are a gambler. At that time, I booked a direct flight from Shanghai to Zhuhai. Pack your luggage, take your Hong Kong and Macau Pass, and go straight to Macau! Suddenly, I felt that a beautiful journey of life was about to start, a lot of money and opportunities were waiting for me, and I felt that I was only one step away from being a winner in life. I don't want my father to support me anymore! All kinds of beautiful scenes come to mind!
Someone said: "If you hate someone, please take him to Macau!" Now I understand the truth of this sentence. From heaven to hell, that's where it starts!
When I arrived in Zhuhai, my friend called a Mercedes-Benz to pick me up, got off the plane, and went straight to Gongbei at two in the morning. At this time, Gongbei Port stayed in the hotel for one night before going to work. Early the next morning, my friend took me through customs. I couldn't sleep that night. For a gambler, Macau, a resort, a paradise, I fantasize about how much I have won, what I want to buy, and go back with dignity!
The next day, my friends and I lined up to clear the customs. It was still early and there were not many people. It passed quickly. There is a free bus in the venue, but you must wait in line. Take a taxi directly to the venue! Sitting in the car, it was the first time I came to Macau. Looking at *sha, *ying, Xin*jing and other large and small casinos along the way, my heart skipped a beat. When I arrived in Taizai, I was shocked to see those new venues. There are several big venues, such as *he, we*siren, pa*ren! I remember very clearly that at *he, my friend checked me in, and then he went to his company. I packed my luggage and went straight to the venue. It's a pity that I was stopped, and I was not allowed to enter the venue until I was 21 years old. At that time, I was only 19 years old. I walked back wittily, put on my shirt, dressed maturely and steadily, picked up my handbag, held my head high, changed the door, and slipped in smoothly. Since then, the gates of hell have officially opened to me.
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