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(2)The Dream Breaks the Fall of Macau's Rich Second Generati

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-11-26
Summary:In the last article, I said that I immediately went straight to the casino after I put my luggage. Blocked out because of age. Ingenious, I went back and changed into another set of clothes, dressed maturely and prudently, put my head up hi
In the last article, I said that I immediately went straight to the casino after I put my luggage. Blocked out because of age. Ingenious, I went back and changed into another set of clothes, dressed maturely and prudently, put my head up high, changed the door, and slipped in smoothly. Since then, the gates of hell have officially opened to me.
Let me give you a heartfelt suggestion: If you have never been to Macau, don't come here. Macau is really not a paradise on earth! Behind the magnificent entertainment city, there are many murderous intentions. In Macau, people can see the greed and ugliness of human nature more clearly. Macau directly magnifies these shortcomings, and people's moral bottom line is completely lost in this small place.
I went in on the first floor, which is the most popular hall. The higher the floor, the bigger the chips. Further up is the VIP room. It was really shocking as soon as I entered, my little heart was thumping, there were rows and rows of *slot machines, and all kinds of electronic equipment. Magnificent and full of people. Some tables are empty, others crowded. When the hole card is 8 or 9, the gamblers clapped the table and shouted Gong ah Gong ah... Come and cheer together. Most are baccarat tables.
The rules are a bit complicated. When I came to the scene, I found that I didn't even understand the rules for outs. I don't know when to supplement and when not to. That's not the point, the dealer wouldn't cheat me anyway. It felt like a lot of money was waving to me. I took the 20,000 Hong Kong dollars that my friend had exchanged for me in advance, and went to the cashier to change the chips (I didn't even know that they could be exchanged at any time at the gaming table). Because I was not old enough, I was quite afraid at that time whether to look at the documents or not to change the chips. Only later did I know that more than 200,000 chips were exchanged for cash, and I had to register with my certificate.
Changed the chips, and immediately showed great plans. I don't know how to play Mi cards either, so I learned how to put two cards together from other people, poke a corner, and then slowly turn them over. I feel that this is quite a feeling, as if I have become Chow Yun-fat, the Shanghai God of Gamblers, which is more exciting than the Internet. After playing a few games, I won and lost, and it didn't take long for it to be whitewashed. Immediately ran to withdraw the money, and found that the money could not be withdrawn at all. Later, I learned that Macau restricts one card to withdraw only 10,000 a day. In Macau, 10,000 doesn't feel anything at all. 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars are like 10 pieces of paper. It is light in the hand. When you change it into chips, you can't feel that it is money.
The money cannot be withdrawn, and the gambling addiction is not enough. Gamblers are like that. Someone who lost all his money in Macau could spend the night wandering around the casino, calling for others, and the table beat louder than when he played himself. This is where gamblers mourn. After wandering around for a long time, I felt quite bored, so I went back to my room to rest, lay on the big soft bed in the hotel, sighed, rolled over and sat up. He found the lighter on the bedside and lit a cigarette for himself. "Pa-" With a crisp sound, the flame danced enchantingly in front of her eyes. The sky was starry, the moon was hazy, and the neon glowed outside the window. Looking out the window, although I lost money, I feel that Macau is really different, a paradise on earth!
Not long after, a friend came to pick me up. After eating with them, they took me to the VIP room to play. We went to a large private room with over a million yards on the countertop. Watching them smoking cigarettes and tossing chips is very cool. After watching it for a while, it seemed that there were ten idlers in a row, 100,000 to 200,000 chases, and it stopped when it exploded. With a smile, he gave me a few thousand chips and said he would take it for tea. Rewarding red money is very normal in Macau, and even the sweeping auntie ran and said, "The boss wins more." The money asked for a word is sometimes more than a month's salary.
Finally, it was almost twelve o'clock. I said hello to my friend and said I was tired. I went back to rest first. In fact, I just wanted to gamble. My friend didn't say anything, so I took a taxi back to the hotel. The security of the casino is very strict. It is said that people who are not 21 years old will be punished for entering the casino. Because I had to check the documents, I fought with him every time I went in, thinking of a way to sneak in. Later, I found out that the restaurant was connected to the venue, and I could sneak in from there every time, and I was secretly proud of my wit. I took 10,000 yuan, and I changed the code together with a few coins just now. Found an empty table. In a crowded table, generally whoever placed a larger bet can see the card. I have a habit of being greedy for mic cards, and I feel that the only way I feel safe is when I have cards in my hands. In fact, this card will not change at all. The gambler's microphone, blowing on both sides and three sides, is actually a joke. The card won't blow out a 9 just because you shout, it's just to comfort yourself.
Luckily, I met Changzhuang when I sat down, and I pushed 20,000 for the sixth bite. At six o'clock, I won, and the dealer only paid me 10,000. I was puzzled and asked, "Did you make a mistake?" The beautiful woman said with a smile, "Young man, you're free of commission, and you'll pay half at 6:00." Oh, I thought that 10,000 would be gone like this, but I just felt that I won 10,000 less, but I don't feel that I won 10,000. Not bad. On the seventh bite, he gritted his teeth and pushed 40,000 up. Just as the dealer was about to deal the cards, a man who spoke Cantonese came over and said, "Hey! Wait!" I took a look, and then three 100,000 "biscuits" were directly slapped on the dealership. "Open!" I had a bad feeling at the time. At that time, 41,000 bets were considered a big bet for me, and there were 80,000 in one entry and one out. And I can't draw any cards anymore. I want to get back some chips, but I'm embarrassed. Forget it, bite the bullet and do it! That eldest brother squinted and muttered for a long time, and then he blew it for a while...

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