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(3)The Dream Breaks the Fall of Macau's Rich Second Generati

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-11-26
Summary:Bet, be a vampire. Quitting gambling is the only way out! In the last chapter, I mentioned that when I was lucky, a Cantonese man came over and dumped 300,000 Zhuang. I had an ominous premonition at that time. Although my father is rich, he
Bet, be a vampire. Quitting gambling is the only way out!
In the last chapter, I mentioned that when I was lucky, a Cantonese man came over and dumped 300,000 Zhuang. I had an ominous premonition at that time. Although my father is rich, he doesn't give me any money. A bet of 40,000 is very stressful for a young man under the age of 20. And the most unpleasant thing is that you are not eligible to draw cards. I really want to get some code back, but I'm embarrassed.
Cantonese opened a 2 first, and the other card is three sides, 678 is possible, if it is 6 or 7, of course, it is good, if it is 8, it is over. At this critical moment, the onlookers tried their best to help and called "Blowing Blow". Cantonese also blow hard into the cards with their mouths. As a result, the two points in the middle were really blown away, a 6 was drawn, and it was thrown out. Haha, the dealer is at 8 o'clock. Eight o'clock is as steady as Mount Tai!
The beauty* official turned out the first card 1 of the player with no expression on her face, and then everyone desperately called "Father and Father", hoping that a male would get 1 point. As a result, the 8 that everyone is most unwilling to see is drawn, and there is no right to win by idle. What a hell, hell. The eldest brother slapped the table angrily, and said angrily, "What the hell!" and left unhappy. I was so angry, I thought it was my life! Then I got up to change the table, and saw that the code in my hand was only 15,000. After decades of hard work, I returned to before liberation. Not losing that 4w is more than fifty thousand.
I thought it would be better to take a rest, but I was unwilling, where would I go up to rest, and continue to work, luck seems to have left me like this. Play the village and go out of the village, play the leisure and go out of the village. Not ten minutes. Whitewash! It's all right now, my head is full of helplessness. I can't get the money, and I'm reluctant to leave. Nothing can be done!
Suddenly thought of Alipay. If anyone wants to, I am willing to lose some money and exchange RMB for Hong Kong dollars one-for-one. When I went to the cashier, I saw those beauties who had won and had good faces. I said, "Beauty, I'm running out of money. Can I use Alipay to transfer RMB to you, and give me a 1:1 exchange rate for Hong Kong dollars?" Some people I'm too lazy to talk to me, I guess I'm a liar. Finally, a young lady and sister exchanged 20,000 with me suspiciously.
Obviously it is myself who suffers, and the exchange rate of Hong Kong dollar is only 0.8. 20,000 RMB can be exchanged for about 23,000 Hong Kong dollars. In this way, the beauty earned 3,000. Maybe the gamblers who lose are like this, they don't care about the money at all. After I changed the money, I went to fight immediately, and I washed it after a few tossing. Then I changed and then washed the white, until Alipay couldn't transfer the money, and then I went back to my room to sleep with peace of mind.
Perhaps, as soon as he arrives at the table, he will release his own demons and become another self. It is really heartbreaking to watch myself in the dark night quietly. Man is a strange animal, only the past can find beauty, and the beauty was only the most ordinary time at that time. The overnight showers, with a bit of coolness and bleakness, chilled my disturbed mood. What a long sleepless night it was. The cold moonlight, leaning against the window and staring, the brilliance is scattered, the most beautiful years are so desolate...
Calm down and do the calculations carefully. It was only the second day after I arrived, and I had tossed in a small amount of 200,000. At that time, I brought this amount of money in a hurry. There were still thousands of yuan in the card and hundreds of cash on me. At that time, the whole person was dizzy, thinking how could he be so impulsive? Thinking of inviting friends to dinner the next day! Hey...a long sigh! The idea of ​​​​passing by and wanting to stop is always stranded again and again. Those reluctant little devils, occupying too much space, let the ruthless casino devour me little by little in the ups and downs.
The environment of the hotel is very good, but if you want to sleep and can't sleep, you will wake up after sleeping for a while. It is said that the oxygen in the room is full, which makes people fully excited.
The next day, I asked my family to take more than 30,000 yuan, invited my friends to have a meal, and asked him a lot of common sense. He also said that I was stupid, and I lost a lot of money when I exchanged money with others yesterday. After dinner, he took me to the pawnshops that can be seen everywhere on the street. If you teach me to play, it is more cost-effective to go inside and swipe the card. He wants to accompany me, I am embarrassed to delay his time and let him go first. After saying goodbye to him, he only had 30,000 yuan on him. Kari kept a few thousand, and all the others were swiped. I went to the Emperor alone and struggled there for the next few days. Looking at the gold bricks at the entrance of the lobby, I was very emotional! The romantic scene, the intoxication of money, the prosperity and the wealth, but it is only a passing glance.
The luck was good that day, more than 30,000 were called back to more than 200,000. Back to the book, this time a little relieved. I am also hungry. Have a meal and want to relax. Go directly to the superb sauna of the Emperor Hotel on the 10th floor...

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