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Blackjack gambler wins 7 million in 3 months

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-12-05
Summary:It is often emphasized that the game in the casino can only be won by counting cards.
It is often emphasized that the game in the casino can only be won by counting cards.
In fact, in the field of blackjack, you can win a lot of money without counting cards, as long as you have information,
Knowing where special offers are available can also make a fortune.
Three years ago, L Casino in Xinkou has always had a blackjack table.
In the VIP room, there have been several blackjack players playing for several years,
The gaming table is the most generous blackjack table in Australia,
Provide the same commission discount as baccarat,

This promotion is 1.1% for Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau gamblers,
1.6% to Southeast Asian and Taiwan gamblers,
has existed for several years,
Those who know and those who use it to play are only a few people who come and go,
Everyone thinks that this is a small gold mine that can be profitable for a long time and can flow slowly.
At that time, every participating player can profit, because the code commission is extremely high,
You must know that the basic game of blackjack only loses 0.1%, while the code commission can be as high as 1.6%.
The net profit can reach 1.5%, which is surprisingly high.
Only players in Hong Kong and Macau can only reach 1.1%.
Therefore, I feel uncomfortable psychologically and I don’t want to attack too much.
It should only be used intermittently as a place to make some money in the long run.
However, in the summer of 2007, a pair of young men and women from Taiwan suddenly came,
Professional blackjack counter player, TYL and his female companion,
After confirming that it is really a Taiwanese gambler who can get a high rebate of 1.6%,
Immediately start the battle plan, the two are divided into two shifts,
Fighting on the gaming table day and night, with a simple basic style of play,
Men buy 7 full bets, 20,000 yuan each, women bet 3,
The two add up to an average daily turnover of millions of codes,
You can get 160,000 yuan code commission for every 10 million yuan mud code transfer,
For 3 consecutive months like this, the code commission alone has reached 4 million yuan.
In addition, he was lucky enough to win another 3 million yuan on the gaming table, taking away a total of about 7 million yuan.
Easy and simple, no need to count cards, just pay time,
The more you transcode, the more you earn.
The VIP room has existed for many years because of the station and code commission,
At the beginning, it was only the case of accepting bets, until the losses gradually became heavier,
Forced to lower the betting limit to 5,000 yuan, and also greatly reduce the code commission,
TYL just left the table.
At the beginning, the casino did not understand why gamblers could win money on the continuous shuffling machine.
Thinking that the cards can be counted or tracked, so every time the cards that are played out,
Let the croupier play mahjong on the table and shuffle them evenly before putting them into the shuffling machine.
If this is the case, the player still cannot stop the player from winning money, and finally has to reduce the commission,
Make those who earn code commissions obediently retreat.
To win millions of blackjack points, the key is not to care about technology, you only need to understand simple basic strategies,
The real key is how to get information. information on special offers,
Not many people know that those so-called long-term blackjack players,
In fact, I don’t know it at all, because it only stays in the midfield,
Member-only VIP room, never entered,
There are only a few people who know and can profit from in-between activities.
However, after the massive bombing by Taiwan card counters, the gold mine no longer exists.
To this day, TYL may not know how to know the source of such information,
It's just really lucky to indirectly use this information that can make a fortune,
It's a pity that the gold mine has been hollowed out and dried up. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with it.
The few gamblers who have been in the water for a long time have lost a long-term fighting place!

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