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(5)The Dream Breaks the Fall of Macau's Rich Second Generati

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2023-01-18
Summary:After a disheartened first trip to Macau, looking back on my experience was like a dream. When I woke up, I wished that none of this had happened. Losing half a million is nothing to me. Its too late to stop at this time. In fact, life real
After a disheartened first trip to Macau, looking back on my experience was like a dream. When I woke up, I wished that none of this had happened. Losing half a million is nothing to me. It's too late to stop at this time. In fact, life really has many opportunities to change. If you take a wrong step, as long as you have the courage to turn your head back, you will still be the prodigal son. But God has given many such opportunities, and I will never cherish them. Once the gates of hell are opened, they can never be closed again. Like that damn Pandora's box.
After receiving a call from Sister Li, I immediately flew to Macau. It was already evening when we came to Macau. As night falls, neon lights flashing everywhere make this small town charming and graceful, and the unique multicultural and romantic style permeates in the night.
I'm actually not in the mood to appreciate the fiery trees and silver flowers in the night light of Macau. Take a taxi directly to Yong*. This is where we agreed. Just opposite Lisboa.
Sister Li also plays Baijia. In addition to us, there was a northeastern man in his 50s at that station. It’s not that I offend Big Brother Northeast, I’ve seen a lot of them in Macau who came down there, and I feel that there are quite a lot of men there who like to gamble. That accent is the demeanor of Uncle Benshan. He gambled not particularly big, but not small, and he was very bold, betting 50,000 to 80,000 in one bet, followed by a man who looked like a lottery dealer. Then there was an older woman who should be his wife.
I don’t know if it’s because all women in Northeast China like makeup. Painted, looks like an old hag. How can it compare to my sister Li. If Sister Li is compared to Xizi, light makeup and heavy makeup are always suitable. It is estimated that more than 50 years old still have charm.
In the beginning, we relied on our own feelings. I remember one time when he bet I followed Sister Li. He bet 50,000, and Sister Li bet 100,000. He probably lost a lot at that time, he was quite impatient, he looked at the cards very quickly, and he didn't make a fuss, and he directly opened a 6. It's Sister Li, first open a 3, Sister Li will read all kinds of silently when looking at the cards, maybe it's a psychological battle, and then rub it back and forth. I glanced at it, it was 3 sides. Secretly sweating for Sister Li. Keep helping her. Blowing, blowing, blowing made the man very impatient. He said angrily: "Why did you watch it for so long, didn't you just bet 100,000, what is it, are you embarrassed to watch it for so long?"
Rub it slowly, and feel that the middle is empty, and the rubbing is almost done, but there is really nothing in the middle. It is simply divine. Sure enough, God gave a 6. The Northeast was so angry that he stared straight at him. Back pressured him, I still felt a little guilty in my heart, but when he stared at me like this, I also got angry, so I replied to him: "Is your family open? We can look at it as we like, even if we smash the cards. It's none of your business!" Then we looked at each other.
I thought to myself, I must win him. Sister Li said, "Believe me, he is so impatient now, God won't win for him." Then at eight o'clock, we opened a 4 first, and the second card could only be a 5. When we turned it over, sure enough It was 5, which happened to kill him in seconds, and we smiled proudly. The man looked at us viciously, wishing he could eat us. His wife also kept scolding us in Northeast dialect with a particularly strong Erhua accent.
Maybe it's due to grudges, he scolded us while fighting against us, and counter-pressed us. Sister Li is indeed the God of War, and she won 8 rounds in a row. He left with his tail between his legs after losing the last point on the table. Seeing him pitiful, I calmly said to him, "It's okay, I have a lot of money. If you lose like this, you are really not far from death." At that time, I felt that he must be very angry. Not long after, Sister Li made a hundred of them.
Sister Li looked at me and smiled, a pair of passionate eyes, a straight nose, slightly flushed pink cheeks, and a small cherry-like mouth looked more and more beautiful. The crystal-clear snow muscles like snow jade are like ice and snow, and the figure is graceful and slender, elegant and elegant. In Guangdong, it is not easy for women in their thirties to take care of themselves so well.
She said let's go back and have a rest. I was fascinated and didn't react at once. Later, he hesitated and said to let her go back first.
Of course I won't give up, because I just made a bet with Sister Li. Thirty-two thousand. Probably won more than 200,000. It's not my style to retreat as soon as I taste the excitement and sweetness brought by Baijia. So I switched tables and continued playing. At that time, there was no concept of how much to win, but simply thought that Lao Tzu was the best in the world, and he was really possessed by gambling. However, good luck is not always with you, and the 200,000 yuan will be gone within half an hour. At that time, I just felt a rush of heat rushing to my head. "If the heart is there, the dream is there, and there is true love between heaven and earth. Success or failure, life is heroic, just start all over again!" I sang Liu Huan's song silently in my heart.
At that time, the timid look I had when I first entered the field was gone, like a wounded and angry little animal, eager to win money, desperate. I decided to pass three levels. Divide 60,000 into two parts. A copy of 30,000. 30,000 wins become 60,000. A win of 60,000 becomes 120,000, and a win of 120,000 becomes 240,000. Man is a strange animal. When God gives you a chance, you shrink back, worrying that it has a huge conspiracy, but when God wants to take it by force, your unyielding energy comes up. The more flustered the more confused, the result is only ten minutes, 60,000 yuan wasted. It was only later that I learned that the strength of not admitting defeat is called the top.
All of a sudden, I felt that my whole body was blinded, and I felt like crying without tears, not because I loved money. But the frustration is really tormented. The feeling of superiority did not disappear in this successive defeat, on the contrary, it became stronger. It may be because I was spoiled and spoiled since I was a child. Even if I am stubborn, I will not be able to pull back 10 donkeys. No, today's account must be settled today. I don't believe in evil. So I went to brush 100,000.
It may be that Wynn is not prosperous, I plan to change one, there are so many rooms in Macau, big and small, I can't hang myself on a tree.
The brightly lit birdcage building on the opposite side, the colorful musical fountain in front of you, and the commercial signboards competing for beauty make this small town full of brilliance and magnificence. Walking out of Wynn, I was once again shocked by the night view of Macau.
Pass through the underground passage, come to Xin*jing, and run directly to Baijia's table. This time I decided to keep going. As soon as I sat down, I felt the upper body of the witch, unstoppable. At the beginning, it was 20,000 bets, and the luck was good. Even if it was a public raise and a white card, I was still not discouraged, and I had to reach 3 points. It's really unstoppable when luck comes. 3 points wins two points, one point wins zero points. Perhaps it was precisely because of this unstoppable momentum that I won another 200,000 without much effort. After counting the chips, I feel a little tired and ready to retreat. I thought to myself, I won anyway, so I might as well come to a big one and directly press 20w on an idler.
To be honest, I hesitated at the time, I was not optimistic about this leisure, because it has nothing to do with the road ahead, but if I win this round, I will earn 400,000, forget it, let’s go with it, the moment the croupier opened it, I was all over my body. Started to sweat, after all, this is the first time I have made such a big bet. Must win! His hands trembled a little, and he rubbed the cards, one with three sides and one with two sides. The people next to me looked at it and helped to say top, I was a little discouraged, I said there was nothing else to top, this is the side of the road. She said that you can't give up, you must go to the top, I am a big man, and I want to cry when I see this card. Thinking about it, my 400,000 was almost wiped out. My palms were sweating profusely. But you can't increase the ambition of others and destroy your own prestige. I had no choice but to follow her, and it came out to be 8 plus 5 three points. Fortunately, it is not 4 plus 6.
When the dealer opened, I habitually tapped on the table with my middle finger, murmured while looking at the dealer's card and said, "Small, small, maybe my mind has worked, and the dealer issued 2 points." When it's time for me to draw, I really hope to get a 5 or 6, then my 400,000 will be settled. The sky failed to fulfill the wishes of people, but a piece of Gong came. I'm getting discouraged again. On the contrary, the person who bet with me seemed to be full of confidence, and called the dealer's father-in-law. I hope so, I close my eyes and dare not look. The croupier opened, and I heard someone yelling yes, I knew I had won, and the dealer made up a card. I couldn't believe my ears. He hugged the grandma next to him tightly. It made my grandma feel embarrassed. Fortunately, I didn't say I was indecent.
Get out of here immediately. This battle gave me enough confidence, and my desire was greatly expanded. I thought to myself, 200,000 in one hand, 2 million in ten, I can buy a car and a house on my own, without having to look at my father's face all day long. I called Sister Li and talked about my plan to fight like her in the future, and all of this seemed to be within reach.
Sister Li said she was at the hotel and asked me to come over. I thought Sister Li had booked a hotel for me, but I didn't expect that she only booked one room. But the temporary booking hotel is full, and I don't know what to do. Sister Li said: "You can just share a room with me. Could it be that you are afraid that I will eat you?" Women in their thirties are like wolves and forties are like tigers. Women in their thirties are indeed in greater demand.
I nervously pushed open the door of Sister Li's room, and the sight in front of me shocked me...
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