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(6)The Dream Breaks the Fall of Macau's Rich Second Generati

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2023-01-18
Summary:I nervously pushed open the door of Sister Lis room, she was wearing pajamas. The plump figure is looming. She held a cigarette between her slender fingers and slowly put it to her mouth. She took a shallow puff, but it took a long time bef
I nervously pushed open the door of Sister Li's room, she was wearing pajamas. The plump figure is looming. She held a cigarette between her slender fingers and slowly put it to her mouth. She took a shallow puff, but it took a long time before she let it out lightly. That look is a little lazy but charming.
The never-ending neon lights not far from the window seem to be elves in the dark. A breeze blew into the room, teasing her long hair, and the smoke slanted, she coughed, with some tears in her eyes. Smoking women are mostly beautiful and sad. A strong exterior hides a fragile heart.
I asked her: "Sister Li, what's the matter with you?" She didn't say anything, and hugged me. I did not refuse. Many men can't accept women who smoke, they think this kind of woman is very casual and frivolous. In fact, most women learn to smoke after being hurt by men, and women who smoke are the most worthy of being treated well.
She said her ex-husband was having an affair. The relationship has always been bad, so she often comes to Macau. A few days ago, this marriage in name only finally came to an end. I was so disappointed that I invited me to come to Macau to release my depressed mood. In life, there are nine out of ten unsatisfactory things. I don't know where I learned these great principles, but they came in handy at this time.
The next morning, we got up very early.
Sister Li said she wanted to go shopping. Yes, the last time I came to Macau, I didn't go shopping, which is a pity. Take a good look this time. Sister Li took me to the Mazu Temple, and there were more people here than there were in the Ruins of St. Paul's. Almost everyone has a handful of incense in their hands. In the mist of incense, the image of Mazu looms, presenting a mysterious color. In front of the statue, many people closed their eyes, held up incense sticks, and sincerely prayed, hoping that Matsu would bring them good luck and peace. We wrote our wishes on the small light bulbs, hoping that the wind could send the wishes to Mazu's ears.
At noon, Sister Li invited me to have a buffet. When paying the bill, she took out the Sands membership card and said that she could get a discount. It was a Sands black card. Haha, what a treat! How much money do you have to bet to get a black card?
After eating enough, Sister Li is going back to Zhuhai. She said that it is not suitable to stay here for a long time, and told me to retreat as soon as I won the money. Casinos are like this, if you are not afraid of winning money, you are afraid of not betting. Sister Li's self-control ability is really good. I originally planned to go back to Shanghai after playing for 2 days, but I changed this plan because of yesterday's victory. I thought, my request is not high, only 100 Yuanzi. 40 wins 100. If you are lucky, it may not be difficult.
It just so happened that my friend in Zhuhai sent me a message saying that he would come to Macau for a day in the afternoon. His family loves baccarat very much, so they will come to Macau every week whenever they have holidays. His father will bring between 50 and 100 each time, but he is a person with more self-control. If he wins 50, he will stop playing immediately, and if he loses 50, he will stop playing immediately.
His mother belongs to the crazy kind. Every time she starts with 20,000 yuan, she can't stop after losing, but she can stop immediately after winning a few. She won't fight for a long time like me. , but specifically in the casino to watch the dragon that has opened 7 dealers or idlers in a row, and then one for the first hand, two for the win, four for the next win, and three passes, and then call it a day. If you lose the first one, keep looking for the dragon. Of course, she didn't win many times, but the scariest one was when she left her two children at home and came to Macau to gamble wildly by herself, and lost 50. It is said that her father was furious that time. After that, I converged a lot.
The strange thing is that every time my friends come to Macau, they play relatively little, and they go to Las Vegas in the United States for a little fun. In his view, gambling is a way of no return. We are the same age and family background, but our ideas are very different. Therefore, some people ask whether they have money to gamble, or whether they gamble because they have no money. This question really cannot be answered. Now that I think about it, I really envy him. Think about it too, a person has no worries about food and clothing. Drive a good car and live in a mansion, accompanied by beautiful women. Although it is not as good as Wang Sicong, but it is better than many people, and life is beautiful. I could have lived like this too.
Closer to home, I will go back to *li first, and then go to Xin*jing, because the order of winning yesterday was to go to *li first and then to *jing, maybe this is a feng shui formation, so it cannot be changed. But the ridiculous thing is that he went in the wrong direction, and to be honest, there are still many casinos, so he walked into Beijing inexplicably. *Beijing and Xin*jing belong to the two fields, one is on the right and the other is on the left. It is really confusing for those who come here for the first time. In *Beijing, I easily won 20, but then I suddenly realized that this place does not seem to be Xin*jing, so I ran back to Xin*jing, trying to win 100. Ever since I came to the venue, there is a witch on my body, and I have felt this for a long time. But this time there is another quirk, that is, praying to the camera in the smoking room of the casino. If you win money for me, it will be my reborn parents. I will call your parents first, and my parents will win me some money today no matter what. Thinking about it now, it feels like a gambler will go crazy if he becomes addicted.
However, it seemed like he was possessed again, and he kept losing and losing. When my friend came, I had 20 left of the 60 I won. He has been sitting by the side watching me betting but not following. He has been chatting and joking with the grumpy croupier at the table, and occasionally contradicts me. On the other hand, my friend won a few. I was a little angry and asked him: Since you have feelings, why didn't you tell me? Watching me lose money? In the end, he said to me nervously, don't worry, the croupier has been hinting at my bets all the time, and he is accurate in every hand.
I instantly felt that his nerves were not normal, but he was plausible, so I told the croupier that you smiled, and the buck-toothed croupier laughed. I find it strange to win directly at 9 o'clock. Ask your friend how the croupier gave you a hint? He said that the secret should not be leaked, followed his fallacy and pressed all 5 hands to win. 2 won 15 and she won 3. The buck-toothed croupier is sadly leaving get off work. So we ran to the smoking room, and my friend lit a cigarette and told me slowly that the croupier leaked his gums when he laughed. Because he is a person in the game, the banker wins. If he doesn’t show his gums, then the idle wins. When I heard it at the time, I really broke into a cold sweat. If he had told me that he won in this way, I would definitely not have told him.
It was getting late, and my friend didn't like to gamble at all. To him, these chips were just some children's toys. He said: "I'll take you to a good place, and you'll be so excited." Indeed, after a tiring day, it's time to relax. Where is it so fun?
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