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(7)The Dream Breaks the Fall of Macau's Rich Second Generati

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2023-01-26
Summary:My friend said, Ill take you to a good place, and youll be so excited. This friend is Yong Shao. The family is engaged in mahogany furniture business, and the family is well-off. Drinking and drinking all day. However, it is basically a pla
My friend said, "I'll take you to a good place, and you'll be so excited."
This friend is Yong Shao. The family is engaged in mahogany furniture business, and the family is well-off. Drinking and drinking all day. However, it is basically a play on the spot. Not a womanizer. Boys, it's normal to be playful. Eating, drinking, drinking and having fun is the whole of his life, and he has no bad habits. It's not easy to gamble, especially if you don't touch fans. Clean yourself up. He should be regarded as the best man in the son brother.
Yong Shao said he would take me to the show. Get a taste of Macau's nightlife. If I follow him, I will definitely not do anything bad, so I will happily go.
At 7 o'clock in the evening, Macau is already lit up, and all the performing arts venues are singing and dancing. The men who were well-rested also stretched their bodies, dressed neatly, eager to try, and started their nightlife. If you win money, you spend money like dirt, but you won anyway, so don't feel bad. It doesn't matter if you lose money, you will lose if you lose, why treat yourself badly?
*King originally had performances. Yong Shao said that "Crazy Paris Dance Company" is the oldest stage performance in Macau. Hot but never vulgar. The actors are all beautiful young girls from Europe, Australia and the United States. The dance they performed was enthusiastic and unrestrained. The programs performed will be updated every once in a while. However, programs such as "Fantasy Sea Mermaid" and "French Ken-Ken Dance" are performed for a long time.
Rabbits don't eat grass beside their nests. Yong Shao took me to watch the performance on the Happy Stage of the Golden Dragon Hotel. The performance on the happy stage is the legendary "Eight-Power Allied Forces". How about it, are you interested? Want to see pictures? no way! It is absolutely impossible to take pictures with a mobile phone there, and it is even more impossible to take a video.
However, if you want to see clearly, you must be in the first two rows.
There are two types of performances: table dance and live performance.
We entered the hall, my God, accompanied by bursts of screams, there is already a piece of white flowers in front of us. On the circular stands, a dynamic dance is being performed. Constantly changing colors under the illumination of the light. The dancers of the table dance are crawling and rolling on the stage, showing their gestures to the fullest. They used the steel pipes on the stage to hang in mid-air to perform a number of difficult movements, including climbing to a high position with bare hands, and then hanging upside down with only their feet and then slowly descending...
These beauties are top-notch in figure, appearance, and talent. They are nurses for a while, officers for a while, and students for a while. After 40 minutes, the beauties walked to the audience and asked for tips from the audience. As long as you tip 5 to 10 yuan, there will be benefits. Then the beauties would shout "Thank you" in Western Chinese and leave happily.
Immediately after the live-action performance, another revolving stage will be switched to. The handsome men and beautiful women on the stage will do their best to stimulate the audience's hormones, making people's blood spurt, and pushing the atmosphere of the scene to the highest point. It was estimated that it took an hour to stop, and all the men present felt ashamed!
Calm down and think about it, it's really not easy for these women to make money, like sheep at the mercy of others, it's really unbelievable that they endured the pain to get a tip of 5 yuan and 10 yuan. And for the few dollars, I still smile and serve them sincerely. I really sympathize with them. Looking at them, and thinking about the days when I spent a lot of money, I felt a little guilty in my heart!
The dance is still going on, it is a loop, and it will not end until dawn. After watching the performance, the audience leave this place of sensuality one by one with their own thoughts. Whether it is a portrayal of difficult life or a symbol of decay and depravity, no one can tell. I was silent, and I didn't say "you're so cool" as Yong Shao said. I didn't think it was so unsightly, but I suddenly felt a little lost. In the mainland, this is a corner that does not see much light, but it is a microcosm of society. After reading it, it will really inspire you, give you thinking, and shock your soul...
Unknowingly, it was already midnight, after parting from Young Master Yong, he decided to go back to the hotel for a rest. When I went back to my room, I was inexplicably excited and listened to a song by Luhan. For uncles, Luhan may not be sunny enough, but for a 19-year-old youth like me, chasing stars is really crazy. Since you can't fall asleep, instead of passive insomnia, it is better to stay up late actively. Anyway, there are still more than a dozen wins, give it a go, and there may be unexpected gains.
When I came to the lobby, I saw a very pure and beautiful dealer with endless blue eyes, the color of the brightest sky. I thought that this dealer should not be a vicious person with no murderous intent, so I sat down. The air-conditioning is really powerful, but fortunately, I brought a black coat. Putting on the coat is like putting on the gorgeous battle robe of the God of Gamblers.
This is a new table of cards. There are 3 dealers in a row. I just asked the beautiful dealer to open the card first, 4 points, no pressure. I opened a public first. The other card kicks first, and then slowly lifts the sides, four sides, this time it is either 9 or 0, the two worlds of ice and fire. Blow, blow with all your strength while shouting, blow, blow, at 9 o'clock, seal the throat with a sword.
There are already four bankers, I don’t know where the courage came from, continue to bet on the banker, 10 bets, 8 points win 7 points, the third hand is 10, 9 points win, 3 consecutive wins, 6 consecutive bankers. Before I knew it, some people stood scattered behind me and came to bet on me. I already had 40 in my hand. I continued to bet on the banker, but lowered the chips to 50,000. After all, there are people who support me, so winning is naturally easy. When I was in Lianzhuang, the seats were already full, and there were a bunch of people standing behind.
I continued to open the cards, and someone had already started betting 20 chips, but they still asked me to open the cards, and I immediately felt that I was very powerful. Sometimes you can't help but not believe in evil, and this one is still Zhuang. I can't even believe it. At the 14th, it finally broke. Good record. There are 70 profits in hand. The goal of 100 is getting closer and closer. The man next door is probably in his 40s. I made a lot of money following this dragon. His name is Brother Qiang, he is from Jiangxi, and he came to Shenzhen with his parents. We had a brief chat and decided to have something to eat before going to another table to try our luck together.
Brother Qiang’s family should have been very wealthy. His father used to be an official. He was shuanggui a few years ago. At that time, more than 500 people were confiscated by the Discipline Inspection Commission. He wanted to get back the money that was confiscated, but unfortunately he chose the wrong way, he wanted to get it back by gambling...it's simply impossible! He gambled in the first two years, lost more than 800, ran away for a while, and never gambled since then.
One day in 2015, he had a quarrel with his wife, and he went to Macau by accident, and started gambling again, getting deeper and deeper. Once a gambler gambles again, he can only do more than that. He said that when he took the boat from Shenzhen to Macau for the first time, he kept thinking on the boat that so many people lost their lives in Macau, and some even jumped off the building in the casino, so they must control themselves. It's a pity that it didn't... From then on, every time I brought tens of thousands, I got deeper and deeper. Once he lost more than 800,000 yuan in Jinsha, and the more he lost, the more he knew that his life was going to be over...
We ate and chatted, and he kept persuading me not to gamble, not to gamble, not to follow his old path. As long as you are willing to look back, it is never too late. Seeing him like this, for the first time, I felt so scared, so scared. I was afraid that my ending would be the same as his. I regretted it all the time. I kept persuading others not to gamble but I couldn’t turn back. I continued on the road of no return... In fact, Brother Qiang used to have more than 30 apartments, but in the end he lost everything. What have you been through? And can I achieve the goal of making a profit of 1 million?
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