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(8)The Dream Breaks the Fall of Macau's Rich Second Generati

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2023-02-12
Summary:The night was getting dark. However, in the casino, you will not notice it at all. Only the gradually deserted hall and pairs of sleepy eyes will sell time. And there are only two kinds of people who continue to gamble, one is a bad gambler
The night was getting dark. However, in the casino, you will not notice it at all. Only the gradually deserted hall and pairs of sleepy eyes will sell time. And there are only two kinds of people who continue to gamble, one is a bad gambler who has won money but can't fill it. Maybe you don't have to wait until dawn to give away your principal and interest again. The other is people who lose money and are not reconciled. When this kind of person is not energetic, he can only sink deeper and deeper. Apart from these two kinds of people, who else would like to stay up all night in a casino with their eyelids open?
I belong to the first type, and Brother Qiang may be the second type!
Brother Qiang looks like a dog, tall and mighty, very much like the gambling god Chow Yun-fat. After I praised Brother Qiang a few words, he immediately became excited and suggested going upstairs to play a few more games immediately, he looks very feel now. This proposal is exactly what I want, let's go.
There is a vending machine in the corridor. It's late at night, and I want to buy some food in case I run out of energy after a long time. There happened to be chocolate in the vending machine, so I bought two boxes. I told Brother Qiang, take this box of chocolates, let's eat one when we look at the cards, and we will definitely be a god of gambling. Because in my impression, Chow Yun-fat studs while eating chocolate, he looks so cool. Although Brother Qiang was somewhat disdainful of my proposal, but since I said he is the God of Gamblers Chow Yun-fat, he did not refuse.
Let's find a croupier who shuts his eyes. Beauty is of course the best. Can you enjoy it while playing cards (do fellow men agree?). Sure enough, there is a beautiful woman. Her melon-seeded face and delicate facial features have a strange and eye-catching beauty like that of a mixed race. Just sat down and couldn't figure out the way of the cards, let the dealer play two cards first. We sat there, she looked at us with clear eyes, she didn't speak, but she was very charming.
Brother Qiang handed her a membership card, wanting to earn points, I took a closer look and it was a platinum black card. It's amazing. All I saw were god-level characters. That day, Sister Li's black card had already made me envious. Now I see it again.
I deliberately pretended not to know, saying that I didn’t seem to have seen such a card in the casino, and deliberately found a topic to tease the beautiful dealer: “What kind of card is this?” The dealer looked at me and said softly: “This is the highest grade card. Card."
I thought it was unbelievable at the time, and I asked Brother Qiang: "Did you play very big before?" He said no, at the beginning it was only 18,000 to play, and sometimes the table with the minimum amount of 10,000 would be placed on a few thousand tables others above. Later, the more you lost, the more you played, the bigger you got. Now that I think about it, why am I not like this?
It was already 3 o'clock in the morning. The fierce battle continued. We are not possessed by the god of gamblers, we beat one to death, one bite kills another, the worst thing is that we met Changzhuang, we started to be idle from the seventh, and had to stop after eating a few. Open 16 hands in a row before the banker breaks, come out to play at 9 o'clock and banker at 8 o'clock, Brother Qiang will study "gambling classics" when he has time. It is said that when the player is 9 o'clock and the banker is 8 o'clock, bet on 8 instead of nine. I bet 100,000 on the banker, and the banker was nine o'clock. My little heart was beating, and I finally breathed a sigh of relief. After the long dragon passed, it was a one-on-one match, and another 100,000 was put on the leisure, and the two publics were cold and sweating. Unexpectedly, the dealer opened two 10s. Brother Qiang said that there is a saying in the gambling scriptures that "the banker wins against the idler", idler opens the card, there is no side, it is over, it is over, the gambling scriptures are not working, this time the loss is big, come to one o'clock. There is still a chance, the audience shouted "Kaigong" together, and called "Father-in-law" together, Zhuang Kai said 2, and there was a lot of wailing.
After a while, two hundred thousand will be gone. I'm a little nervous. After all, the distance from the goal of 1 million has been widened to 500,000. But Brother Qiang wasn't nervous at all. At that time, I was still thinking that the great master is really a great master, and I don’t feel at all if I lose 200,000 yuan. I followed him back to the room and took out 400,000 Hong Kong dollars from the safe. He said that he would stop fighting if he just lost. Yes, I'm tired, it's almost dawn, and I'm always sleepy.
I don't know where sanity comes from. Seeing that the situation is not right, you don't follow the bet, just watch from the sidelines. As a result, when I went to the casino to grind slowly, the 400,000 chips became less and less. Anything over 50,000 will only be lost but not compensated, just like being possessed by a demon. At this time, brother Qiang became nervous, and kept saying: hey! This card is really hard to play, really hard to play, you can't win!
At that time, I only met him once, and we didn't know each other that well, but I also wanted him not to keep losing like this, and advised him to play in another place. He didn't listen to me, and I couldn't say much. Obviously knowing that luck was bad at that time, gamblers were all the same, and they had to clean up before they could go back to the hotel with peace of mind.
Later, I don’t know where to get 200,000. He asked me to accompany him upstairs to play for a while. One miss and he died. We were all sleepy, and we ordered two cups of tea, but the tea was washed away before it was served. I began to secretly think in my heart: Where is the promised God of Gamblers?
Before I knew it, it was dawn. Brother Qiang was already penniless, so he left his contact information and went back to Shenzhen helplessly.
I still have the chocolate in my hand. God of Gamblers must, this statement is already a kind of irony at this time. Hey, why is there no regret medicine in this world? The road to come is smooth, because we already know what happened to it, but life is like this, whether you are childish or gray-haired, when encountering ups and downs, you can only go on bravely...
At this time, Sister Li called me and asked where I was. I said I was still in Macau, and I was planning to go back to Shanghai directly from Macau. She said then go back to Zhuhai first, and couldn't help but miss me very much. Although I am not in a good mood after staying up all night, I really want to fly to Sister Li right now, turn on the floor lamp, close the window screen, play a piece of familiar light music, and then lie on the soft bed, with Sister Li in spirit and flesh. Combined, lingering before lighting a cigar. Become a fairy in the curling smoke. To be honest, although the age difference is more than ten years, I still really like her. However, with 500,000 in hand, do you want to gamble again, whether to go or stay...
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