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Four reasons why the online casino does not pay out!

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-11-26
Summary:You who just joined the casino, do you often hear the news that the casino does not pay out if you win big money? Do you know how to tell if the casino does not pay out? The most direct judgment is that when you win money and want to withdr


You who just joined the casino, do you often hear the news that the casino does not pay out if you win big money? Do you know how to tell if the casino does not pay out? The most direct judgment is that when you win money and want to withdraw it, the casino finds various reasons not to withdraw the money, such as illegal operation of the account due to risk control problems or Online banking maintenance... wait for the question, is this really the case, or is it the SOP that the casino does not pay? Now to answer it!
Casino does not pay (1) Illegal arbitrage
Take advantage of the gap in handicap odds and bet at the same time to earn the difference. Although it is difficult to encounter a gap in handicap odds, it is one of the common reasons why casinos do not pay out. The following are two methods of illegal arbitrage Behavior
Baccarat arbitrage behavior
Usually it will be combined with the promotional activities of the first deposit. The operation method is very simple, as long as the banker and the player are at the same time, withdraw it with the lowest chip. For example: the activity of depositing 1000 to get 1000 free, the amount of chip washing is 10 times, so you know that the effective betting amount needs to be reached 20000 can be drawn out, so as long as the banker and player bet 1000 each time, one bet is 2000, if the banker wins 10 times, 1000x0.95=950, 1000-950=50, the cost is 50x10=500, 2000- 500=1500, you can make a net profit of 500. If 10 times are idle wins, it can directly offset the cost. This must be regarded as an arbitrage behavior by the casino.
Lottery Arbitrage Behavior
This odds difference is actually very rare, but let’s talk about it: probably the odds of the two teams are very different, and they bet at the same time and earn the profit difference in the middle. The rate is 1.8. Suppose you bet 120 yuan on team A and 140 yuan on team B. The cost is 120+140=260 yuan.
Suppose team A wins, 120x2.3=276, suppose team B wins 160x1.8=288,
Therefore, no matter which team wins in the final result, it will be profitable in the end. This method is also prohibited by the casino.
The entertainment city does not pay (2) The IP is abnormal
Playing the same game with players with the same IP may usually be regarded as an abnormal account by the regular casino and will be suspended or prohibited from trading. For casinos that don't pay out, this trick is a super common reason.
The entertainment city does not pay (3) The betting slip is abnormal?
Basically, there are so-called game abnormalities, which will be resolved by the risk control department of the casino. It is very normal for the system to be repaired. This is very normal. If money is lost due to this situation, it is definitely the casino’s fault. Wrong, no matter what, the casino should pay you the money you win.
There may be many reasons why the casino does not pay, but most of them are excuses for the casino not to pay. Therefore, players should pay attention to the above reasons, and also pay more attention to whether the casino itself has a sound operation or chooses a large one. It is more secure to play in the entertainment city of the label.
Casino does not pay out (4) Unlimited code washing amount
In order to increase the number of users joining, the entertainment city usually offers very attractive discounts, and the amount of washing codes may be withdrawn with a small amount, so you have to be careful! Because when you want to withdraw cash, the customer service may find a lot of excuses to tell you that the casino has recently encountered a certain reason, how many times the amount of code washing has been increased, and at this time you still blindly recharge and bet, until In the end, I either lose everything, or I will never get it out.
If you encounter the above problems, please call 165 anti-fraud phone number bravely, and someone will help you deal with these fraud situations. If you want to go to a place without these troubles, you can come to FA8 Casino to play. We There is a bank binding mode with the highest level of security, so that you will not encounter the above situations where the casino does not pay out.


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