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Greed is the gambler's bane

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2023-01-18
Summary:Greed is the nemesis of gamblers, and common sense is the nemesis of greed.
Greed is the nemesis of gamblers, and common sense is the nemesis of greed. The hero is sad about the beauty level, and the gambler is sad about the greed level. If he is not greedy, how can he get involved in this tortured gambling game!

Why do novices often win money? Because the novice is only for curiosity and fun, he has no worries about gains and losses, and he will not get lost before his greed grows; because the surprise of winning money for the first time has already made him overjoyed, and finding a place to relive the unexpected surprise of picking up money is already a top priority . Only when you know how to give up can you have what originally belonged to you. There is only one difference between greed and poverty. Greed that breaks out overnight will lead to excessive gambling. As the saying goes, 80% are immortals. In fact, as long as we can eat 60% of the food, we can accept it when we see it, and we can see the magic in the ordinary. Because it is impossible to always catch the big top, you can turn the ordinary into the amazing. So to be a winner, you must first have a normal heart.
The rules of success in gambling and other businesses are not the same. In many fields, "pursuit of excellence", "strive hard and enterprising", and "seize the day and night" are the necessary qualities to enter the threshold of success, but in gambling activities, perhaps "willing to be mediocre", "let it go when you see it", "Forever and ever" is the golden rule that makes a successful person. In the pursuit of other careers, it may be "take what is above, and only get what is in it", but when it comes to gambling, it is precisely "take what is right, and get what is right for you."
There is no gambler who has never lost money, and no one is ever victorious. We must know that there are too many uncertain factors in the casino, and gamblers must learn to size up the situation and take a break in time according to changes in trends. When the dealer wins in a row, you must be strict with self-control, never take advantage of the fire easily, and never be greedy to "lick blood with a knife"; when the dealer's limelight is too strong, you should know how to avoid it and be good at avoiding it, don't fight head-on with the dealer, and remind yourself, Being able to stop at any time is one of our great advantages. "Being good at avoiding" is a state. Only after knowing and being good at avoiding can you gain a long-term foothold in the casino.
When you walk into a casino, it is up to you whether you want to win more and win less or lose more and lose less, whether you want to continue or stop. Therefore, how to grasp one's "expectations" in a timely manner has become a crucial issue. When the sequence of cards can win more, you will never be soft. When there are repetitions, your expectations should be lowered. The expectation of a straight card should not be too high, because there is a limit to a straight card. Therefore, only by adjusting one's "expectation value" according to the time, opportunity, situation, and situation can there be hope and hope of victory.

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