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About Us
Publisher:admin Publish date:2022-12-05
Our mission is to provide you with
Knowledge: up-to-date expertise and advice
Experience: cutting-edge games and learning tools
Confidence: Trusted casino, verified to ensure fairness
our principles
...always put the needs of players first
...share passion and expertise
...must be completely independent
...must earn your trust
We conduct user surveys to identify key information
We conduct field testing and user research
We love user feedback and implement as many as possible
We provide extensive customer service
The content we provide is only to help the players, not the casino
our guarantee
safe and secure badge
Wherever you see this badge, it's your guarantee of 766996.com. We guarantee that each casino review is backed by data-driven research and reviewer expertise, and that our editorial team reports the latest, honest and independent news.
The passion and professionalism of our employees is in every element of 766996.com, beyond our reviews. You can trust that you are safe everywhere on the site.
How do we keep our service free?
We believe all players deserve honest, expert advice when choosing the online casino that's right for them. Therefore, our readers will never pay to use 766996.com.
We are able to offer our services for free thanks to the fees we charge from some of the casinos we list when they get traffic through our site.
This supports the vast infrastructure our website requires and allows us to recruit top industry experts who are constantly being added to our list of 400+ casino reviews. We also invest thousands of hours each month in providing detailed guides, news articles, tools and exclusive games.
The casino has no opinion about how our content is produced, and our advice is independent and research-driven - so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest. Every casino featured on this site has been carefully vetted for compliance with our strict 16-step process, whether or not we take fees from them.
We are completely inflexible when it comes to quality, and even add casinos to our list of sites to avoid that do not meet our standards and cannot operate for the benefit of our players.