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KOK Sports becomes official partner of Serie A club in Asia

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-11-29
Summary:The official press conference of Serie A Atalanta announced: KOK Sports has become the official partner of the club in Asia
On October 29th, Atalanta Football Club, a veteran European football club, held an official signing ceremony with Asia's leading sports entertainment platform KOK Sports in Italy, officially announcing that KOK Sports has become the official partner of Serie A Atlanta in Asia, KOK Sports Global Marketing Director and Spokesperson and Director of Atlanta The general manager attended and signed the agreement.
XX, President of the Serie A Atalanta Club, said: "We are proud to learn that we can reach such an important agreement with KOK Sports.

As we all know, Serie A Atalanta Football Club is an old Italian team, established in 1907, this cooperation with the well-known Asian sports company Kok Sports, I believe it will be a milestone for the company's global market layout.
As one of the leading sports companies in Asia, KOK Sports is also honored to be recognized by the Atlanta Club and become its sole partner in the Asian market. With the help of KOK Sports' extensive business development capabilities and a large customer base, I believe that the club will The Asian market will gain more loyal fans. It is foreseeable that the cooperation between KOK Sports and Atlanta will achieve a win-win situation.
At the signing ceremony, the managing director of Atlanta said: With the sponsorship of KOK Sports, the Atlanta club will definitely achieve better results in the Champions League. As the big dark horse in Serie A last season, the team has many rookies that have been pursued by major clubs. It is hoped that through this cooperation, both parties can innovate and make progress together.
The global marketing director and spokesperson of KOK Sports said that this is a cooperation between an old brand and a new one. It is believed that Atalanta, the big dark horse in Serie A last season, can achieve better results in the Champions League.

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