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Macau ends COVID-19 mask policy

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2023-02-27
Summary:Macau health authorities largely ended the Macau SARs COVID-19 mask policy over the weekend as the epidemic situation in the casino hub remained stable. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the local government of Macau has been encouragi
Macau health authorities largely ended the Macau SAR's COVID-19 mask policy over the weekend as the epidemic situation in the casino hub remained stable.
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the local government of Macau has been encouraging all city residents and tourists to wear protective masks. Masks, however, were only mandatory for a month during the region's worst COVID-19 outbreak, which lasted until early August.
The Macau Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center said over the weekend that starting from now on, masks are no longer required to be worn outdoors and in most indoor places. Indoor places should determine whether they need to wear masks according to their own differences. The center said masks will continue to be required in medical centers and public transportation, in addition to taxis and ride-shares.

Over the past two months, the epidemic situation in Macau has remained stable," the health emergency agency said in a release. "Under normal circumstances, masks are not required when staying outdoors. "
Casino employees are still covering up
Staff from Asian gaming media GGRAsia visited several casinos in Macau today to gauge public and gaming industry practitioners' reaction to the new face mask guidelines. The news company understands the vast majority of locals and guests continue to wear masks despite the government's easing of mask rules.
Macau is busier than ever after Chinese President Xi Jinping ended his "zero COVID" policy in late November, which had kept life normal on the mainland, Taiwan and its two special administrative regions - Macau and Hong Kong. But today, the vast majority of tourists continue to wear masks inside and outside.
Macau's coronavirus response agency said people should continue to carry face masks with them in order to comply with specific mask requirements across the enclave. The center also emphasized that the mandatory wearing of masks could be reintroduced if the COVID-19 situation worsens.
To prevent a coronavirus reversal, the center encourages residents to get a COVID-19 vaccine and booster, practice good personal hygiene and wear masks as required, wash hands frequently, ensure "adequate sleep, a balanced diet and regular exercise," and cover sneezing or Use your mouth when you cough.
"People with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly and those with chronic underlying diseases, should avoid staying in crowded places and wear masks when necessary," the center concluded.
Casinos not ordering face masks
The Macau Novel Coronavirus Response Coordination Center said that the rules on wearing masks indoors are now largely at the discretion of individual companies. When it comes to casinos, gaming operators are passing the decision on to their employees and guests.
All casinos allow their table game workers to choose whether to wear masks,” said Cloee Chao Sao Fong, head of the local casino union in town. "
On Wednesday, gaming revenue figures for February will be released. The six casino operators are hoping to build on January's momentum, when the resort won about $1.43 billion. January 2023 is the best month for gaming revenue in Macau since January 2020.
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