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Refond International's 30 iPhone 13 winners announced

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-12-18
Summary:According to the latest news, the 30 iPhone 13 winners of Ruifeng International's 8th anniversary celebration have been announced recently.
According to the latest news, the 30 iPhone 13 winners of Refond International's 8th anniversary celebration have been announced recently. At present, Refond International has announced the latest list of iPhone 13 winners on its official website. In order to welcome the arrival of the Lunar New Year, Refond International launched another blockbuster event. Anyone who buys the number of consumption before the New Year’s Eve matches the sum of the numbers announced on the New Year’s Eve, can get a big red envelope for the Spring Festival and share the high-stakes pool!

The reporter found on some well-known sports forums that some recipients have posted the iPhone 13, the eighth anniversary gift of Refond International, and some recipients have expressed their gratitude to Refond International through emails and phone calls. It is reported that the eye-popping "30 iPhone 13 Love and Courtesy" event was launched by the internationally renowned online game company Refond International to celebrate the company's seventh anniversary and give back to new and old customers.
The 30 iPhone 13s of Refond International were divided into three batches for distribution. The first batch included 20 units, which were given to the top 5 users with the highest weekly consumption in the first 4 natural weeks of December. The other 10 parts will be given out in two parts on Christmas Eve, and 8 of them will be given to the top 8 customers who made the most profit in Refond International before Christmas in December. The last remaining two copies are given to customers whose betting numbers on Refond International before Christmas in December match the numbers announced on Christmas Eve. These two copies are among the customers who spend on Refond International’s casino platform and sports platform Produces 1 of each.

Just after one surprise, another surprise is coming. In order to celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year, Refond International launched a surprise event for our customers: whoever spends at Refond International Casino and sports platform during January 1, 2023 (New Year’s Day) to January 22 (New Year’s Eve), The mantissa of the generated betting slip number is matched with the sum of the 7-digit lottery numbers drawn on January 22, and those who match will receive the Spring Festival red envelope of Refond International! To participate in this event, you need to spend a minimum of 100 yuan on the bet order, and there is no limit to the number of hits, and the more you win, the more you get! For example: on January 22, the lottery result is 20, 28, 22, 36, 48, 5, 9, then the lucky number of this issue is 20+28+22+36+48+5+9=168; Users whose bet orders generated by consumption at international casinos or sports platforms end in 168, and whose minimum effective bet amount is 100 yuan, can get Refond International’s surprise Spring Festival red envelopes. If the user has X bet orders that meet the requirements, You can get "every order gold × X" yuan New Year gift. It is reported that Refond International has set up a high New Year pool for this event, sending surprises to our customers!
According to another news, when the major European leagues are in the winter break, Refond International will launch the "Every Consumption of the Game Users of the competition will receive a 1.45% high bonus reward" activity. This activity can be enjoyed at the same time as the Spring Festival red envelope activity, which will undoubtedly bring another surprise to fans during the winter break.

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