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MGM Macau

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-12-06
Summary:MGM Macau is located in the new reclamation area of the new port of Macau, with a height of 154 meters and 35 floors.
MGM Macau is located in the new reclamation area of the new port of Macau, with a height of 154 meters and 35 floors. It is a five-star casino hotel with a total construction area of 2 million square feet. It was originally the southern part of the Macau Commercial and Trade City; To Taipa, west to No. 1 Lake, north to Wynn Macau.

MGM Macau is MGM's first casino hotel project in Macau. It is the flagship casino hotel officially completed by the last gambling company among the six gambling licenses (three main licenses and three secondary licenses) in Macau. It marks that Macau's gaming industry has officially entered a six-point world. The gambling license received by MGM Macau belongs to the sub-license of the gaming company's gambling license in Macau.
The entire MGM Macau project invested more than US$1.25 billion, designed by Hong Kong Wang Dong International Co., Ltd., and constructed by Hong Kong Hip Hing Construction. The reclamation, land filling and construction projects were carried out in mid-2005; it opened on December 18, 2007 .
On December 18, 2007, a luxurious reception dinner was held before the opening. The opening performance was held at Tianmu Plaza at 9:00 pm, and then the opening ceremony was presided over by Ho Hau Wah, the Chief Executive of Macau at that time, and He Chaoqiong, the managing director of MGM Grand Paradise; in the evening It officially opens to the public at 10:50.
On the side of the main entrance of MGM Macau stands a bronze statue of a golden lion. The statue is 10 meters high and weighs 63 tons. Manufactured by Sculpture Art Workshop. The bronze statue of the Golden Lion was unveiled on October 15, 2007[1]. In addition, the MGM Macau trademark also has this golden lion, implying its corporate brand philosophy (resolute strength, leadership, confidence and courage, dignity and loyalty)[2].

The MGM Macau building has a unique shape design, with three different colors (gold, platinum and rose gold) of glass paving the exterior walls in the form of waves. The hotel room classification is currently the first in Macau; the hotel building is 35 floors high, with 593 luxurious rooms, and the area of all rooms is at least 48 square meters; Deluxe Villa Suite), 24 Golden Palace Suites (referred to as Golden Diamond Suite and Deluxe Suite), 99 luxury suites (referred to as Zhuoya Deluxe Room) and 468 guest rooms (referred to as Deluxe Sea View Room, Sea View Room and Deluxe Room ), different guest rooms also have similarities and differences in facilities; the largest guest room, the Golden Palace Villa Suite (commonly known as the Presidential Suite), has an area of 540 square meters. reception services etc. The hotel also has a spa center covering an area of 2,720 square meters - Tria Spa, which provides facilities such as 12 different treatment rooms and a fitness center. Tria Spa is composed of six circles to form a triangle, which symbolizes three layers of different levels of experience, and all spa products are made of natural materials. Tria Spa combines luxurious equipment, traditional Asian treatments and the most famous treatments of Tria Spa. Through experienced international therapists, effective treatments are provided in the most private and private space.
The banquet and conference hall in the ground floor lobby of MGM Macau is a space that can be divided into spaces with an area of 1,452 square meters, and each has a reception area. The grand banquet hall can be divided into up to three conference halls, which can accommodate 680 people at the same time; and there are three multi-functional conference halls. Weitian Pavilion is located on the third floor of MGM Macau. It is built with glass curtain walls. Because you can see Taipa and the sea, it is the largest venue for all banquet halls and conference halls.
The Sky Plaza is one of the main selling points of MGM Macau. Located in the center of the Golden Palace, the Sky Plaza covers an area of about 2,320 square meters, and the highest point of the sky reaches 25 meters. The design of the square refers to the Lisbon Station in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, as an architectural feature And the design of the VIP area integrated with the Titanic fully shows the influence of Portugal on Macau and the image of a high-end hotel.
The first phase of MGM Casino has been opened together with the hotel part, covering an area of 20,620 square meters, with 385 gaming tables, 888 slot machines and 16 private VIP rooms (mostly leased by Jimei Group); Casino The expansion part of the second phase (covering an area of 4,400 square meters) will add 70 gaming tables and 240 slot machines; restaurants, brand stores, banquet halls, conference venues, nightclubs, spas, etc. will be built in 2008. Opening[3] The hotel/casino complex includes the Company's 582 guest rooms, 1,184 slot machines, 427 gaming tables, 9 restaurants, 2 retail stores, multi-purpose meeting venues (including the Grade spa and pool facilities. [3].
There are also thirteen food and beverage facilities in MGM MACAU, including restaurants, bars and lounges with different cuisines.
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