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Familiar with blackjack rules can increase the probability o

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-12-07
Summary:Those who have played 21 points should know that the basic game rules of 21 points include doubling, splitting, and doubling.
Those who have played 21 points should know that the basic game rules of 21 points include doubling, splitting, and doubling. Besides these, what other game rules are there? How to use them in actual combat can be more beneficial to yourself What? Today I would like to share with you two very important rules in the blackjack game: surrender and insurance.
Surrender: When the dealer checks the cards and the player finds that he has no points close to 21, the player can choose to surrender, and the player who surrenders can get back half of the bet. Casinos outside of the US usually have this rule available! If the player chooses to surrender before the dealer thinks about whether to continue to hit blackjack, then this is called a delayed surrender.
Insurance: When the croupier's card is A, the player can choose to buy insurance. Buying insurance is equivalent to the player betting that the croupier will not get 21 points. When the croupier does get 21 points, the player may lose 2 times the insurance bet, however the insurance bet cannot be higher than half of the play bet. Many inexperienced blackjack players will think that buying insurance is a good way, but most players advise players not to buy insurance, which is usually a wrong choice.
Get five cards to win automatically: Some casinos offer this kind of reward. When the player gets five cards, the sum does not exceed 21 points, then the player wins without a fight! But if the player has five cards before getting five cards Split the cards, if the croupier gets 21 points at this time, then you are not the winner, but the croupier wins.
Although there are many regulations and rules for blackjack, this does not affect players' love for blackjack. On the contrary, how to use these rules to win, players who are not familiar with it may play more Fall in love with this game after a few times.
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