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Baccarat betting betting strategy

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-11-25
Summary:Baccarat's betting method is divided into 1. Winning; and 2. Losing and chasing.
Baccarat's betting method is divided into 1. Winning; and 2. Losing and chasing.
Winning: 1,1,2
Suppose one hundred yuan is used as a basic code, the first shop, bet 100 yuan, win, the second shop also bet 100 yuan, and then win, the third shop will raise, buy 200 yuan, if successful, Convert to all average bets (flat bets). But if the third bank loses, the fourth bank also raises and buys 200 yuan.
If the fourth shop buys 200 yuan and wins, then start over and buy 100 yuan. If you are unfortunate enough to lose again (a total of two losses), you should stop for one, observe, and take a break to recover.
Negative chase: 1,2
If you bet 100 yuan, if you lose, the second bank raises and buys 200 yuan. If the second bank wins, it will start all over again. If you lose (that is, you lose two places in total), you will stop for one store.
When using the winning method, whenever a bet is won, the bet is immediately retracted by one bet (that is, if you buy 200 and win, you will retract and buy 100) to form a telescopic shape, commonly known as "long and short sticks".
Every time you lose twice in a row, stop betting on a shop.
In this way, the danger of continuing a losing streak can be avoided. Bet this way and never lose your money!
Our capital should be no less than eighty bets (80 base yards). One hundred dollars is eight thousand dollars. A bet of 200 yuan is 16,000 yuan, a bet of 300 yuan is 24,000 yuan, and so on. But in actual gambling, you can't use so much capital, but it has a very important role, that is, the psychological effect: with more capital, you can have the effect of "emboldening"! ! !
(2) Predicting divine power:
In countless studies, we have found that there is a characteristic: we can predict the strength of the distribution of dealers and players in the future according to this characteristic.
For example: when a banker or a player turns into a single open (only one open) after two or more consecutive open (黐) at a time, then it can be predicted that the future open is mostly based on its The opponent is dominant. We should accordingly focus our bets on the other side (the other side).
For example: our current betting strategy is mainly to buy the dealer, if the following situations occur:
Banker Banker Banker Banker (Banker even open)
Banker (banker single)
Player player player (start the betting target from the second shop, and immediately transfer to the "reverse buy" mainly to buy players, in principle, use the flat bet to buy)
This is my most basic prediction magic. It seems simple, but it took me more than ten or twenty years of research to develop it. Ninety-nine percent of people who play baccarat don't know this feature! With this prediction magic, we can increase the accuracy of our bets.
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