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To play Texas Hold'em, you must learn to guess the strength

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-12-06
Summary:Knowing how to observe the opponent's play in the poker game is an important key to determine the outcome.
Knowing how to observe the opponent's play in the poker game is an important key to determine the outcome. You must pay attention to the choice of each player's bet, because each choice is enough to express the player's orientation and reveal the strength of the opponent's cards.

        1. Keep in mind the bets of each player in each round, and observe the orientation of the opponent in all bets, whether the opponent mostly calls, checks, or raises, etc. If the opponent bets very little, This proves that the opponent is a conservative player; if the opponent tends to bet and raise more, it proves that the opponent is a loose and aggressive player; What kind of choice is usually made when betting; or whether the opponent will end the hand by folding when faced with the threat of raising no matter what hole cards he holds. With the above signs, you can Predict the strength of your opponent's cards. In online poker, you can even see the betting situation of all opponents in each round of the previous hand for reference and analysis.
        2. Analyze the opponent's betting attitude after receiving the hole cards, and the opponent's choice after seeing the community cards. You should use logical thinking to analyze what hole cards the opponent may hold. For example, in the limit bet $10/$20 cards In the game, you hold A K and sit in the middle position. The opponent on your right chooses to raise to $20 after seeing the hole cards, because your A K belongs to the winning hole card, so you choose to re-bet to $30 , the player who sits at the end also re-bets to $40. The player who raised initially calls to $40, and the rest of the players choose to fold. The three community cards in the second round are K 5 3. After the betting player chooses to check, you bet, and the last player chooses to call $20, assuming the original raiser chooses to fold at this time. Now you need to analyze whether the only remaining opponent may hold What hole card, because he chose to raise the bet to the highest $40 in the first round, his hole card may be A A, K K, or A K. In this case, the opponent's card can match the three community cards K 5 3 form a good combination, if he continues to raise in the second round, A A, K K, or A K is very likely; if he does not raise in the second round, then his hole cards are probably just Q Q or J J. If the player’s previous attitude is loose, then his hole cards may be just a pair of cards with ordinary points or cards such as A and Q. Assume that the fourth community card is Q If you bet at this time and the player facing you chooses to fold, the most reasonable inference at this time is that the opponent's hole card is most likely to be J j

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