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Baccarat Three Bead Road Tracking Method and Raiders Skills

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2023-01-26
Summary:Recently, I have made some changes in the gambling method, and I have changed many habits, including cable method, throwing style, target design and game mode, etc. Among them, there are also some changes in the handling of the record road.
Recently, I have made some changes in the gambling method, and I have changed many habits, including cable method, throwing style, target design and game mode, etc.
Among them, there are also some changes in the handling of the record road. In particular, the tracking method of Sanzhu Road has been adjusted due to the needs of online gambling, and it is also commonly used.
Since the three-bead method is one of the investment methods that I use most often for reference, and I often discuss the baccarat three-bead method with netizens through text messages or QQ, I think this tracking method and thinking are quite useful, so I will post to share it.
The following is a real game of cards from last night, in the arrangement of three bead roads, expressed as follows:
Baccarat Sanzhu Road Tracking Method and Raiders Skills 1
Although there are more than ten kinds of three-ball throwing styles, I usually use two main types, namely ED front and back three-ball (see "Also talk about three-ball..." post) and special dragon jump three-ball (special Brother Nong has a special post to introduce).
Just looking at the above game in this way, it is very difficult to immediately distinguish pros and cons, and jump continuously. Viewing the two types of investment at the same time, it is a bit complicated to mark them separately, and it is a waste of time.
Especially in online gambling, there is not much time to think about each bet, so how to clearly distinguish the direction of the three beads is particularly important.
Because, for the sake of convenience and efficiency, I also adopted a method of writing "Blind Gate Three Beads" that I know.
First define several three-bead arrangement methods according to your own needs.
Here are my habits:
BBB or PPP defined as 1 (recorded in red pen)
BBP or PPB is defined as 2
BPP or PBB is defined as 3
BPB or PBP is defined as 4
The casting style of Blind Gate Three Beads is to focus on Wangmen (the number format that appears is Wangmen), and not to play Blind Gate (the number format that does not appear is Blind Gate).
The specific operation will be described below.
This is not an introduction to blind three beads. What I want to point out is that, in fact,
Positive and negative three beads: formal, that is 1, 2, 4; trans, that is 2, 3, 4
Jump three balls in a row: even type, that is 1, 2, 3; jump type, that is 2, 3, 4
Use 1, 2, 3, 4 to mark the nature of each row of three beads. Just by looking at the numbers, you can see the changing direction of the whole game.
As above, it becomes as follows:
Baccarat Sanzhu Road Tracking Method and Raiders Skills 2
How about this game?
Lines 1-5 are forward and backward, and jumping and jumping. It seems that it is not a good bet, but if there are three 1s, it means prosperous and formal.
Looking at columns 1-6, except for the 4th column in the first column, which is a jumping style, 2-6 are all 2-1 or 1-2 consecutive styles, and 5 columns are connected in series.
In this way, the 7-8 formula wins, and the 9th column breaks.
After breaking the row, you must get used to re-examining the game from the beginning. The general trend is still dominated by combos. Column 10 should look for no bets or negative trails.
If you bet on the overall situation, I am used to stop betting and observe after breaking the column.
Looking at columns 1-10, except for column 9, the continuous pattern continues, and 4 is still a blind door.
However, it should be noted that the 6th to 10th columns are obviously the anti-jumping style with blue pen at the same time, and the red 1 is the blind door. There may be potential changes from continuous to jumping or trans.
Therefore, in fact, you can choose to use (1) continuous or (2) jump or (3) reverse to attack the rest of the game.
Combined with the previous columns, the first choice is still the continuous style (only the small trend breaks the column once, and the general trend remains unchanged).
Column 11, mouth 1.
12 rows, the 1st mouth is negative, because of the continuous pattern, it is time to chase P, if you are careful, you can stop betting and observe, and you would rather lose 1 bet; if you are chasing continuous pattern, buy P, open 3, and recover.
Columns 13-14, in mouth 1.
15-20 columns, chasing consecutive style, when the first mouth is negative, because the blind door is 4, so chasing 3, that is, consecutive style, the second mouth makes up.
As for the cable method, each gambler has different qualities, and each uses his own method, which is not the focus of this article and will not be discussed.
In summary
Based on the concept of jumping three balls in a row, the overall situation is dominated by the combo, breaking one row is the last game.
With the concept of three beads of pros and cons, the overall situation is both positive and negative. You can't gamble, it's the end of the game.
Based on the concept of the blind door and three beads, the blind door in the first half of the overall game is 4, and the overall game is still 4. The blind door is obvious, but there are not many entry points, which is the middle game.
If you simply use the blind door three beads to attack, the number of rows to be referred to should not be too small, so the number of rows that can be used to attack is not many, and the blind door is always changing, so this method is not popular.
However, if you mark the three beads in this mode, you can clearly see the changes of front and back and continuous jump. The blind door is the best reminder.
The key point is to be able to choose the best strategy for the game you encounter in the shortest possible time.
The tracking method of Blind Gate Three Beads is convenient, so it is introduced here.
If you use three beads to attack baccarat, please remember the key points:
1. Choose the game carefully. Not all games can bet three beads. For example, the opening 4 is listed as including 1, 2, 3, and 4. Although it is biased towards the reverse three-bead pattern, my experience tells me that this is mostly a mess, and I can switch to another.
Second, match the most appropriate betting style for the card potential, and don't stay the same. Therefore, it is better to be able to master multiple three-bead throwing styles at the same time.
3. At any time, especially when the game develops to the middle game, or after breaking the row, you must re-examine the card situation, so as not to fall into the absolute thinking and not be able to jump out. Don't be afraid of missing opportunities, but be afraid of falling into a negative situation.
The following is another real game, how do you judge the situation? How many columns can win?
Baccarat Sanzhu Road Tracking Method and Raiders Skills 3
Share my opinion another day!
I have no intention of promoting the three-bead method, but I know that many netizens use the three-bead strategy, so I open this post to share some ideas with brothers.
More importantly, it is to provide some ideas for brothers to adjust according to their true colors. Some three-bead methods (such as BACCARAT brother's 4-style sword method), the ideas in this post may not be able to be rigidly incorporated.
Therefore, it is for reference only.
I wish all brothers success!

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