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European handicap look flat strategy

Author:admin Views: Publish Time:2022-12-05
Summary:European handicap look flat strategy
I take the European market, and I take the digital route, which may be qualitatively different from some European players. Football Match Analysis Prospect I play the European handicap mainly in actual combat, and some European handicap are mainly based on theory. I call the European handicap I play the digital European handicap, and those players who watch the European handicap with a lot of theory called the theoretical European handicap. The digital European market and the theoretical European market are quite distinct.
I have been watching the European game for several years, and I follow the main line of Mongolian characters. After a long time, I have discovered some small tricks. In the past few days, netizens have been asking me how to see Ping. I don’t hide my secrets, so I will share my experience of Ping with you:
1. How to see the tie
When a market is opened, it can be seen that there are several types of flatness, one is that there is obvious flatness data in the column of flatness in the handicap (I won’t go into details about this, after all, there are too many WWs to talk about. Affecting the direction of my betting), this level is generally more stable than many high-paying 3; the second type, the leveling data is vague and difficult to judge, and needs to be judged from the overall trend. For example, today’s Tottenham is In this way, there is only one way to go if there is no 3 and no 0; the third type is to beat the master to death with random punches, that is, the handicap data 310 is not clear. There are also many. Knowing the existence of these three forms of flat compensation, at least it brings direct convenience to our analysis, which flats can be grasped, which flats cannot be grasped, and which flats can not be produced (this is the 31 Yes, it may be 3 or 1), which provides a clear direction for the next judgment of the handicap;
2. After the handicap determines whether there is any compensation data
Just like what I said in a chat with netizens a few days ago, if you have a level, you will get 1, if you don’t have a level, you will get 30. Here, the views of whether you have a level or not are completely different. Uneven is a completely different data from that of having a level. Here is another kind, which is a problem that some BC companies say that there is a level, while others say that there is no level. This is a very troublesome problem. For example, in a game, William Hill gives data saying that this game has no draw, but SNAI gives data saying that this game has a draw. This kind of contradictory game can only make you double-select and have no other choice. Of course, this kind of situation is still rare, and the general market is not willing to squeeze the other side like this. The normal situation is that if a large market gives unbalanced data, the other few disks will give you very scattered data telling you that the market has no balance. You can get information like 30, such as today's West Ham vs. Everton has 30 sets, which is obviously uneven. (This is not an afterthought, this is a real thing, of course, if you don't believe it, it is equal to 0);
3. How to choose after determining the level
This depends on the comprehensive opinion given by the handicap. To determine whether there is a balance is not to determine a set. It may take several sets to be determined together before such a conclusion can be drawn, and other factors must also be considered, such as the overall opinion of the set and the overall opinion of the set. Direction, after comprehensive analysis, it is possible to determine whether it is the top single 1 or the top double selection. This judgment process is particularly important. Whether it is the only one is the key to judging single 1. For example, this set is 01, and the possibility of playing 1 may account for 50%. Playing 0 also accounts for 50% of the possibility. If your data tells you that this 1 has a 90% possibility, you can play 1 alone. Obviously, this single 1 depends on whether the even data given by the handicap is quite clear. If it is not clear, there are two possibilities, one is still a tie, and the other is that the tie is an illusion, but it is actually something else result.
After the above steps, you can conclude from the handicap that if there is a tie, this tie is the first choice. If there is no tie, what direction the betting football book may go. Step by step like this, you will find out the result that the handicap actually points to, and this result is exactly the same as the result after the game, so you will win the prize.
Winning the lottery is as simple as that. Grasp the pulse of BC Company and dance together with BC Company.

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